Sunday Munich - Her Name


It's never been easy for us
Maybe it's worth it
This all seems to come down
When I'm still rubbing my eyes from sleep
And I'm sure you think you won me over
I just never know anymore
Both are right answers
And maybe you're wrong
For always soothing my
Frantic mind and you say
You say to give it time
You say things will be fine
You say you'll work this out but
You don't know that for sure

Like teasing blades on skin
Supple subtle innuendoes medicate me
I'm giving in
Like needles in my brain
Passionate remembrances to educate me
I'm giving in again
A cracked and fragile smile
A failed attempt at innocence
Is shuffling towards me
But something else is shuffling behind
I ask myself, in a coital haze
Whose face is staring out at me
Whose face has come to devour me

Nearly all I have it seems
And I'll never end up
To have it around for you
And I...
I can feel you, I can fill you in
As long I keep you safe with me
And warm in all I give you
Anything if that was enough